Upcoming Workshops

Several people have been asking me when I will be doing some of my early workshops again, which has pleased me no end. I´ve decided to offer some dates for four of my older workshops and a date for a new one. I record all my workshops, so even if you can´t attend the live Zoom class, you will get access to the video shortly after the event. This seems to work well for a lot of people who find that a workshop may move too quickly or even too slowly for them - but with a video, you have control over how and when you follow it. We all seem to be getting better at living our 'online lives', although there is a danger that we take on too much. I know I have had some people telling me they haven't received a Zoom link only to realise the class was with someone else, not me! Don't do too much! There is no way you have to miss a workshop now - I am happy to repeat mine many times with smaller groups as well as offering the recordings. I ONLY do workshops that I really enjoy myself - how lucky am I?

I thought it might help the more organised among you to list my upcoming sessions here so that you can book in advance and plan what you want to do.