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And breathe.... how I have missed my lov

About me

Zentangle and Art for all ages

I’ve been working as an Art Teacher since 2015 and in 2018, went to the United States to do the Certified Zentangle Teacher's course with Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts, creators of the Zentangle Method. Zentangle is accessible and enlightening for adults, children and groups of people of all abilities - artistic or otherwise! I love teaching this technique for many reasons, not least the delight that my students show with the results of their classes.

In addition to the wonderful artistic opportunities it opens up, Zentangle provides a way of being mindful, meditative and relaxing, whose effects can have a lasting, profound and beneficial effect.

I offer and have delivered classes to Corporate groups, providing relaxing workshops with large and small teams, focusing on different priorities such as teamwork, creativity, trust and relaxation/meditation as required. 

My classes can last from 40 minutes to 3 hours depending on the specific situation. My wide experience of teaching, training and staff development has given me the confidence to engage with people of all ages, abilities and expectations.

Whether you are interested for yourself, for a friend, as a group or as a company, contact me now to find out more.

Annie Taylor (CZT) 

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