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I have only ever published one Zentangle pattern myself and when I was teaching live on Instagram early on in the early Covid-19 era of 2020, I decided to include it in the very last class I taught - and I spelled it wrong! It's called SKWIRL but I put SKIRL and so any chance of getting people to check it out and try it for themselves was lost! I admit to not being too bothered because the pattern itself if not the most exciting - or so I thought until the Great OS BURSAN took up a daily challenge issued by Celina Qro of Memoria y Vida to use it in a monotangle and the result was SPECTACULAR!

But amusingly to me, Os also misspelt the name and called it 'SKWHIRL' so there you go!

A couple of weeks ago, I actually sat down and had a little flash of inspiration for a new tangle! Based on the letter 'G' and repeated ad nauseam and in different sizes, it because an immediate friend. I liked it so much that I sent it off to Tangle Patterns to see if Linda Farmer would include it in the Hall of Fame. She's a busy lady and although she answered me very quickly to say that she would have a look at it, I am still waiting with bated breath to see if it will pass muster!

So here it is if you are interested, or, like me, just can't let things take their natural course!

Music provided by my talented daughter!

This is the version in the video with Eze by Emiko Kaneko CZT added and a little pop of colour.

And three versions taken from my Map Tangling Workshop.

Thank you for watching! Hope you like it.

Fingers crossed that it comes out in Tangle Patterns!

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