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Starting the New Year

Actually, it started pretty much as we finished the old one....staying at home, lots of handwashing, hurried visits to the supermarket, long walks alone and plenty of Zentangle.

Christmas was all but cancelled as Romy and I couldn't return to Spain as planned. Our back up was to spend Christmas Day with my sister but then she and my brother-in-law had to isolate as one of their employees had a positive Covid-19 test. Fortunately, they both got their results back late on the 25th and it was negative, so the following day, we met up and had a traditional 'Sunday Lunch' rather than a Christmas dinner. We've promised to 'do' Christmas when everyone is allowed to get together - with the tree, the lights, the decorations and everything! But we did get a spectacular snowfall...

Thank goodness for Zoom - we shared time with my sons and did family quizzes with other family around the country. In fact, I made a new friend in New York, who shares the same name as my niece and to whom I sent the quiz invite to by mistake! She was kind enough to reply and we have continued our correspondence ever since! Don't tell me life isn't bizarre!!

We have had some wonderful wintery weather here in West Kirby and I'm going to share some of the photos that I've taken recently on my long walks. These walks are accompanied by the sound of seagulls calling from time to time and a real mixture of other birdcalls. I have two lovely new friends here who take me on their favourite circuits, one with the most delightful four-legged friend called Woody - a handsome and super intelligent Border Collie. I really can't complain.

And on the Zentangle front, I will continue to offer my NowZen weekly classes (check them out if you don't know what they are - I am also offering some of the early classes as no-commitment 'Bundles', which you can buy for yourself or send as a gift. Many thanks to my nephew for sorting all that out for me - it wasn't easy and he has done a great job!) In addition, my NowANDZen monthly class is open to anyone who wants to join me just for the Zoom workshop. I did a homage to Michele Beauchamp last month and this month, I am taking my inspiration from Jo Flaherty, who was the person who introduced me to colour! This week, we will be turning this:

To this:

It's not too late to join me! You can book any of my classes online or just send me a message and I'll add you to your chosen workshop. I record them and anyone who has registered will get access to the video whether they attended or not. For as long as there's internet!

Do watch out for a couple of brand new classes that I'm planning - one will be Steampunk-based and the other is heavily influenced by Medieaval manuscripts. I'll be advertising those soon!

I wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year although I've found that rather hard to say this year, for a number of reasons. Thank goodness for Zentangle! And thank you too! Stay safe and take care everyone!

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