Hidden Words, Hidden Stories.

I've had such a great week with a lot of new friends on Instagram. My last two classes have resulted in some spectacular tiles which some of you have given me permission to share here - and I will, just let me burble on a bit first. (It's my blog..)

I particularly like drawing tangle patterns that break free from a grid or spiral round a central point or grow organically one from the other. I have been inspired by wonderful tanglers like Eni Oken, Jo Flaherty, Anica Gabrovec and of course, Maria Thomas - the wonderful joint creator of Zentangle. She and Rick (Roberts) are chalk and cheese in their drawing styles and approach to tangling. Both are wonderful to join and follow in class and as a CZT, I so enjoyed all their sessions in Providence. My own natural teaching style, whether it's Zentangle or English, my other 'job' is definitely less like Rick's steady, careful fully focused approach - he just feels so SAFE - and leans more towards how Maria gets carried away by a sudden impulse to add or adapt a line or curve.

It wasn't always thus!