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When someone sends flowers...

Some time ago - but post-Covid 19 (does everyone measure time this way nowadays?) I was approached via email by a lovely lady called Mahe Zehra Husain to say that she was working on a book of Botanical Zentangles and could she include some of my Tangled Leaves that I had been teaching in a workshop at the time. I was absolutely delighted and agreed immediately. A few months later, I received the pages that Mahe had put together for my tangles and they looked absolutely wonderful! And then life continued and I admit that the book and its contents got squished out of my mind by the amount of other 'stuff' that life was throwing at me (and all of us)! Then just last week, she posted on Facebook that she had, at last, got the book published and available for purchase on Amazon! There are many other Zentangling friends who have also got their Zentangle takes on botanical images and I know the book is going to be a great addition to my bookcase - I'm waiting for my copy to arrive from the States as I write. In recognition of the excellent job that Mahe has done (although if you read her CV, you will know why - what a talented woman she is!) I wanted to share the link to the Amazon page and maybe encourage a couple of sales. Nothing in it for me other than maybe getting some of my work into your home!

Christmas is coming too and although I am trying so hard to promote buying or sending gifts made or produced by local artists or small businesses, this one sort of ticks several boxes and it's only delivered by Amazon - that's sort of OK, isn't it?

Here we are! Please take a look at least!

This is a bright version of my Tangled Leaves. I don't have a date for the workshop just at the moment but I will be offering it again in the New Year sometime, so if you're interested in taking it, either let me know or keep your eyes open when I next promote it!

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