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Variety is the spice...

Is anyone else losing track of time? I've got used to my daily routine of sleeping until I wake naturally (no alarm clock!) and then listening to the radio for a while before dragging my bones (and quite a bit of extra flesh ) out of bed for my morning coffee fix. Doing three live Zentangle classes a week on Instagram, plus joining other online classes, is having quite an impact on how my brain is working (shame it doesn't burn off calories in the same way). I am dreaming about tangles as well as planning and practising them. Does it get boring? Well, surprisingly not!

I have become rather obsessed with tangle variations and my last two classes (and the one planned for today) have focused on exploring a single tangle from lost of different angles and changing the appearance by curving straight lines and straightening bendy ones. Great fun! It's not just a recent thing though. I realise that I have always like to stretch, twist and contort most of the tangles I've been learning over the past six years. Looking through my notebooks and photos, I can see this fascination and my recent classes focusing on Phicops and Betweed (I do hope you speak Zentangle) have not only delighted me during the preparation, but the feedback I've had indicates that others have really enjoyed the process too. Oh goody! I can keep on doing it live then!

Maybe it's true that we need a little variety in our lives. Happily for me, the Zentangle variety is very satisfying...

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